Thursday, 10 January 2013


I'm heading off to London for a couple of days, my boyfriend bought me this trip as a christmas present and I can't wait to get going! I love London and it's been a year since I have last been so I can't contain my excitement. Thinking of all those shops both retail and vanity makes me even more excited! I promise to not come home until I have at least 4 bags full of items! This means more blog posts of both fashion and beauty.
You all know that London is quite famous for all it's sites but also for Oxford Street. I think my boyfriend will regret taking me there when I take him into as many shops as I can. Get ready for many OOTD posts, upcoming trends I believe are going to be big for the transition from Spring to Summer. 

I keep wanting to buy pieces of make-up but I won't have anything to buy whilst i'm there if I buy it all now. I keep having urges to want to buy some great spring season lipsticks, eyeshadow and blush/bronzer colours will have to be controlled until tomorrow!

If you have any recommendations of places to go to eat, little shops that may be worth a look? Let me know, even if it's after i've been I will be returning this year for definite so let me know! Also what did you think about my fashion posts, would you like more like that? Also my cameras picture quality do you agree that my pictures look so much better now!

Thanks, have a lovely weekend!

Pippa x

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

W 2012/ S 2013 Statement Jewellery Items

Cross/ Scull/ Geometric Necklaces- Primark

I don't care much for the skull necklace from this selection, I feel rhinestoned items of jewellery are a bit last year, there are obviously a few exceptions such as Jewellers jewellery and in-season pieces but I really aren't feeling this one.
Now the cross and the geometric necklaces I do like and as everyone knows crosses have been much the rage these past few months and I jumped on that bandwagon myself. I find the geometric/triangle trend very interesting, I personally love triangles there my favourite shape... (is it weird I have a favourite shape?). Anyway I found these necklaces a right bargain and I'm sure if you want to buy them they will still be in there.
Silver & Gold cross necklaces -Primark

 Above the knuckle rings- ebay

I love these and should have bought them in gold as well, as I find they can add something to an outfit with it only being simple rather than putting some statement jewellery with a statement dress/top. 
 Geometric gold and black statement earrings- forever21

I was hoping that these were going to be as small as I was hoping and I was right, with them being statement earrings anyway, they can still be quite subtle when worn with block coloured items such as a LBD.
Tiered Scroll Earrings -forever21

I find these another example of great statement pieces, I am acquiring quite an earring collection now as I find them the easiest things to wear as they aren't necessarily close to any item of clothes like a necklace or a bracelet is so earrings are easy to pair with a very versatile amount of different clothes. 

I hope you enjoyed my Winter 2012/ Spring 2013 statement jewellery items, obviously I have missed pieces out but I thought these were very much relevant to the time of year we are in now. So if you have any items of jewellery similar to these pieces of items you can carry on wearing them throughout spring and maybe even into summer.

I'm happy to be asked about any fashion related things, for example if you aren't sure if an outfit goes together or if you are struggling to update an item of clothing I am happy to help, this is what blogs are all about isn't it? Helping each other out with things we are all passionate about?

Thanks for reading!

Pippa x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Forever21, Primark & ebay Haul!

Gold beaded necklace -forever21
Gold spaced cross necklace -Primark
Classic round circle sunglasses -ebay
Pixies top -ebay
Gold plated belt -ebay

Happy New Year everyone!
I thought I would do a more fashion related post seen as all of mine have been for beauty. 
I picked up a few bargains from various websites, I look at higher priced items from various websites and looked for cheaper items over the internet, you never know how many good pieces you can find just trying to save a few pounds!

If you haven't listened to the Surfer Rosa album by the the Pixies you missing out! I bought the top in medium as its a mens top and customised the sleeves and collar, I find customising items a bit more personal and you can go to Urban Outfitters and pay £25+ for a top you can customise your self for nearly half of the price.

Plus i've got my snazzy camera now so, you will be getting more high quality images from me! & maybe even some videos? What do you think?

Hope you enjoy this post and help you find some really great pieces for hardly anything

Pippa x

Friday, 4 January 2013

Dior Forever Fluid Foundation

I got this as a sample from out of a Harpers Bazaar magazine. I have a monthly subscription as I absolutely love how they are filled of fabulous clothes and advertisements for make-up and beauty products that are all out of my price range, if only money grew on trees ay! 

I tried the sample out of this foundation and actually fell in love with it, as i am normally used to high street brands this was a whole new world for me. My auntie knew how much i loved this foundation and surprised me with it last christmas.
Baring in mind that i use this every day and i still have that same bottle is pretty amazing, all you need is one pump of this and it covers your whole face! 

I doubt i will ever go back to high-street brands again as this has lasted for over 6 months and i believe i still have half the bottle left. Maybe it's better to just splash out on a high-end foundation rather than settling for the cheaper stuff, let me know what you think?

I swatched my hand to show you girls about how lovely the consistency is, its so smooth and just glides onto the skin so lovely. It gives such an even finish and if you get the colour just right for your skin tone, it looks flawless. With me also having freckles, i do like them to be covered a little but it's also nice to see them but not so prominently and this just does the trick.

Hats off to the guys at Dior, I really do love this!

Let me know about what you think about if you think high-end foundations are really cracked up to be, and if so whats your favourite one?

This product is £31.00 at boots, here's the link for if you want to try it for yourself;

Pippa x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

I bought this not long ago and I thought I would really try it out before writing a post about it thats logical right? This product smells like turkish delight which I don't like but the smell of this is quite pleasant and I don't mind rubbing it on my face. 

This again was pretty pricey but not as much as the Estée Lauder Pore Minimiser, I can't really say anything more about this because it does what it says on the tin, I have very very dry skin and this moisturises and I love the fact that there are vitamins in it because i've never seen anything like it before!

Quick Tip: I bought this from the actual Bobbi Brown website because I don't advise buying things from ebay or unknown websites as anything can be put into the pot, including mercury and other items.


Pippa x