Tuesday, 8 January 2013

W 2012/ S 2013 Statement Jewellery Items

Cross/ Scull/ Geometric Necklaces- Primark

I don't care much for the skull necklace from this selection, I feel rhinestoned items of jewellery are a bit last year, there are obviously a few exceptions such as Jewellers jewellery and in-season pieces but I really aren't feeling this one.
Now the cross and the geometric necklaces I do like and as everyone knows crosses have been much the rage these past few months and I jumped on that bandwagon myself. I find the geometric/triangle trend very interesting, I personally love triangles there my favourite shape... (is it weird I have a favourite shape?). Anyway I found these necklaces a right bargain and I'm sure if you want to buy them they will still be in there.
Silver & Gold cross necklaces -Primark

 Above the knuckle rings- ebay

I love these and should have bought them in gold as well, as I find they can add something to an outfit with it only being simple rather than putting some statement jewellery with a statement dress/top. 
 Geometric gold and black statement earrings- forever21

I was hoping that these were going to be as small as I was hoping and I was right, with them being statement earrings anyway, they can still be quite subtle when worn with block coloured items such as a LBD.
Tiered Scroll Earrings -forever21

I find these another example of great statement pieces, I am acquiring quite an earring collection now as I find them the easiest things to wear as they aren't necessarily close to any item of clothes like a necklace or a bracelet is so earrings are easy to pair with a very versatile amount of different clothes. 

I hope you enjoyed my Winter 2012/ Spring 2013 statement jewellery items, obviously I have missed pieces out but I thought these were very much relevant to the time of year we are in now. So if you have any items of jewellery similar to these pieces of items you can carry on wearing them throughout spring and maybe even into summer.

I'm happy to be asked about any fashion related things, for example if you aren't sure if an outfit goes together or if you are struggling to update an item of clothing I am happy to help, this is what blogs are all about isn't it? Helping each other out with things we are all passionate about?

Thanks for reading!

Pippa x

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