Friday, 4 January 2013

Dior Forever Fluid Foundation

I got this as a sample from out of a Harpers Bazaar magazine. I have a monthly subscription as I absolutely love how they are filled of fabulous clothes and advertisements for make-up and beauty products that are all out of my price range, if only money grew on trees ay! 

I tried the sample out of this foundation and actually fell in love with it, as i am normally used to high street brands this was a whole new world for me. My auntie knew how much i loved this foundation and surprised me with it last christmas.
Baring in mind that i use this every day and i still have that same bottle is pretty amazing, all you need is one pump of this and it covers your whole face! 

I doubt i will ever go back to high-street brands again as this has lasted for over 6 months and i believe i still have half the bottle left. Maybe it's better to just splash out on a high-end foundation rather than settling for the cheaper stuff, let me know what you think?

I swatched my hand to show you girls about how lovely the consistency is, its so smooth and just glides onto the skin so lovely. It gives such an even finish and if you get the colour just right for your skin tone, it looks flawless. With me also having freckles, i do like them to be covered a little but it's also nice to see them but not so prominently and this just does the trick.

Hats off to the guys at Dior, I really do love this!

Let me know about what you think about if you think high-end foundations are really cracked up to be, and if so whats your favourite one?

This product is £31.00 at boots, here's the link for if you want to try it for yourself;

Pippa x

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