Thursday, 10 January 2013


I'm heading off to London for a couple of days, my boyfriend bought me this trip as a christmas present and I can't wait to get going! I love London and it's been a year since I have last been so I can't contain my excitement. Thinking of all those shops both retail and vanity makes me even more excited! I promise to not come home until I have at least 4 bags full of items! This means more blog posts of both fashion and beauty.
You all know that London is quite famous for all it's sites but also for Oxford Street. I think my boyfriend will regret taking me there when I take him into as many shops as I can. Get ready for many OOTD posts, upcoming trends I believe are going to be big for the transition from Spring to Summer. 

I keep wanting to buy pieces of make-up but I won't have anything to buy whilst i'm there if I buy it all now. I keep having urges to want to buy some great spring season lipsticks, eyeshadow and blush/bronzer colours will have to be controlled until tomorrow!

If you have any recommendations of places to go to eat, little shops that may be worth a look? Let me know, even if it's after i've been I will be returning this year for definite so let me know! Also what did you think about my fashion posts, would you like more like that? Also my cameras picture quality do you agree that my pictures look so much better now!

Thanks, have a lovely weekend!

Pippa x

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