Saturday, 29 December 2012

Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimising Refinisher

I bought this in the six weeks holidays and I personally think its a brilliant product. It has a pump which I always love for liquid products as you can pick how much you will need to cover whatever areas of the face that you want. I only use this every so often say, going out for meals with girls/boyfriend. I apply this before my moisturiser which it says in the instructions in the bottle. 

I have major problems with my pores and I hadn't found anything that had worked until I used this, I would keep buying it again and again but since i'm only a student this isn't possible so I have to ration it. 

Overall I believe it is a great product and for people with really problem pores then I think this product is for you, but beware that it is at the very pricey side so go to you nearest make-up counter and ask for a sample before you buy it as it may not be for you. 

I think this bottle will last me a long time because of the consistency being so thin and watery then I think that it will last a long time. The link under the picture is for the 50ml product rather than my 30.

Have any of you found any great pore minimising products, because I would love to hear about them!


Pippa x

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