Thursday, 27 December 2012

my skin care routine

I have used these products religiously for 7 years, I believe that if you find beauty products that work for your skin you shouldn't change them and I haven't. I do wear night creams and bases but apart from that nothing changes. My packaging for these products is the old design and they have brought out some lovely new packaging which has been linked above. However on the cleanser bottles there is no lid which could be a pain when staying away from home but the product is still the same in the bottle so I don't mind.
I use these products every morning and night and for me they get rid of any muck and dirt that is on my face. 
The moisturiser is very very hydrating and as I have normal to dry skin this is perfect and gives my skin the hydration it needs. 
There is this moisturiser that I sometimes use instead of the essential moisture and this is No7 Essential Moisture Day fluid which I don't find as moisturising as the day cream and I need my skin hydrated in the winter so I will be using this until march/april time. 

Quick Tip No.1- If you are thinking of purchasing any No7 skincare then wait until the £5 offer is on in boots because it will obviously be cheaper to buy it then.

Quick Tip No.2- As you can see behind the moisturiser is a spray bottle, now when I apply my cleanser and toner to my face I use a round cotton pad, if you spray the pad with a couple of squirts of water using a spray bottle then your cotton pad won't soak up so much product which means it saves you money.

Thank you, 

Pippa x

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