Sunday, 23 December 2012

perfume favourites

These four perfumes I have repurchased, again and again, which has made a difference to my purse as a couple of these are pretty pricey.

The Sarah Jessica Parker scent is very young and girly, I particularly love sweet fruity perfumes and this is just perfect, I also love the packaging. It comes in this plastic packaging which I quite like as I can take it out with me and if I were to drop it at least it would break. I also like how it comes with a screw top before you get to the applicator this means it won't leak in your bag.

The Chloé perfume is my most recent purchase and this is one of the more pricier of my perfumes, I got mine from duty free so it did get a little cheaper but still it was expensive. This is more of an evening scent and I always get compliments when I wear it. The packaging is stunning I have it on display because it would be wasted  if it was hidden away?

The Jimmy Choo scent is one I have been wanting it for ages but I always find it hard to spend money on my perfumes because they are a rather large investment especially for a student like me. It is again quite a sweet smelling perfume and comes in this stunning bottle so this is another one that I have to show off.

And last but certainly not least is my Armarni Diamonds perfume which has to be my favourite. Its such a classic smell and nearly everyone I have spoken to about it loves it so you can't go wrong. This is one of the more pricier ones however I believe its totally worth it, I find this fragrance last quite a while on me, which it should with it being an Eau de Parfum.

Quick Tip: The pricier the perfume the longer the scent will last on you, it still depends on the concentrate of the perfume but more expensive perfumes do have a higher concentrate.

I'm hoping for the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique fragrance for christmas, has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts?

Thank you 

Pippa x

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