Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year's Resolutions

We all make them and so very little of us actually stick to them. And this year I am determined to keep to them so I thought what better way of doing it by blogging about what I want to do, then keep you updated on how it's all going. 

You could all join in with me on how yours are going, i'd love to find out what you want to change.

Loose Weight
Yet I am writing this whilst digging into some maltesers... 2012 has been the worst year ever for me, I turned 18 and was ready to go clubbing with all my friends and 2 weeks after I became unwell, I had mobility issues when I was younger and they sadly returned in the years when i'm supposed to be going out and enjoying myself I haven't been able to do anything I wanted. And what came with mobility issues was that I ate as much as I did before but began to put weight on as there was no way of being able to walk it off. Now that I am feeling better in myself and can walk a little more than before I can now start to eat less and enjoy fruit and water and be able to walk it off more than I was able too. 

Keep my room tidy and clean out things I don't use
With having my mobility issues I can't clean/tidy as much as I could before and with having two younger sisters my mum has a lot on her plate and I prefer to do it myself just because it is one of the things I am able to do, along with blogging. Obviously there will be times when it does become a mess but I would love to have the motivation to do it all the time and be able to tidy up after myself.

Save Money
I never used to struggle with saving it, this was when I used to just put all my pocket money in my savings account and just took it out when I wanted to go shopping friends and still then I hardly bought anything. Then I became 16... and found my own sense of style and fell in love with make-up and since then I have really struggled to save it. 

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