Tuesday, 25 December 2012

make-up bag staples

These are the items that have been staples in my make-up bag for a couple of weeks. I have had all of these products for a while and I don't know why I didn't pick them up a lot cause I haven't been able to put them down.

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation has been hyped up an awful lot over the past couple of months and I can now see what all of the fuss was about. I am in the colour 100 Ivory and I still find this colour to be quite dark on my  complexion even though I didn't think I had gotten so pale, this sounds like a good excuse to get a holiday booked? I cannot say a bad word about this foundation as the finish is dewy and I think I look all glowing when i've got it on and as you can tell, i've nearly finished it.

Yves Said Laurent Luxurious Mascara for a Full Lash Effect is a mascara I picked up whilst I was coming back from holiday as it was in a packet with the touche éclat and i'm so glad I picked this up and I will end up repurchasing it. It gives my lashes volume and fullness, it is also a dream to remove with any make-up remover/cleanser. I've seen good things about the SHOCKING mascara has anyone tried it, is it worth getting?

Benefit's High Beam. This I have been using for years, Benefit was one of my first "high end" make-up brands and I just have to keep on buying more and more of them. As some days I don't wear foundation because I rarely get blemishes I apply this with my daily moisturiser and it makes my face look such luminance. I also use this for my cheekbone and brow bone and I can't fault this again, another brilliant product.

Benefit's CORALista is yet another make-up product that I can never put down, especially in summer as I aren't blessed with olive toned skin when i've been on holiday this blusher is just so perfect. Even in the winter I believe it still looks amazing and rosy.

MAC brow set before this I had never used a gel as such to keep my unruly brows controlled and I won't look back now as it is just so perfect, however it is just a brow set and i'm sure there are more on the market for cheaper as I think a clear mascara would do just the same job.

Maybelline Eye Studio Drama Gel eyeliner is absolutely amazing, I always found it difficult to use liquid eyeliner and most of the time it wouldn't dry quick enough so I used to end up with a nice line of eyeliner under by brow which isn't fun when your in a rush. I have repurchased it because I believe this is one of the best gel eyeliners on the market and it is at a reasonable price compared to bobbi browns and MAC. 

Benefit's Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer is another Benefit product I hear you shout! Yes, I have so many different concealers but this one is just perfect as it does what it says on the tin it really is industrial strength the coverage is medium- high which I think all concealers should be as you are trying to either cover up those dark circles or blemishes. 

I am going to make this a weekly/ monthly thing let me know how often you would like to hear about my make-up bag staples?

Thank you

Pippa x

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